With Faisal Javaid Real Estate, you will find your dream home in your desired location that is perfect for you and your family. We are committed to helping the home buyers and are with them at every step of the way. When looking for Oakville homes for sale , you will be assisted with figuring out the facilities you want in your new home right through handling the buying process.

The procedure associated with buying a new house and getting settled is a long one. So, to make everything smooth, we are there at every step of the way and ensure that the experience our buyers get is the one that they remember fondly. Faisal Javaid Real Estate has a team of dedicated customer care professionals who are there to attend to your questions and concerns until they become satisfied and familiar with their new homes. Whether it is minor troubleshooting or expert repair services, we are with our purchasers from the initial to the final step of ownership.

What Do You Want In Your Next Home?

This is the stage where you need to consider the facilities you want in your home. Before you make a buying decision, an essential step is to have a clear idea of what type of property you want that will best meet your needs and requirements. Below are a few questions to consider:

1. Are you planning to start a family when settled in a new house? Or your children will leave the house soon?

2. If you work from home, do you need a garage, an office area or a workshop?

3. What renovations you need to be performed, and what will be the costs? Are the costs going to affect my budget range?

4. Do you want a large area of land or prefer to have a pool, shed or something else?

It is essential to answer all of these questions in advance, whenever you decide to buy Oakville condos for sale. This guide will help you I search the right house and not making a mistake. Buy a house that best fir your requirements.

How The Buying Process Works?

Planning your buying journey

We specialize in home buying and will be with you every step of the way. We work in your community, so we are familiar with the area like the best schools and the best places to shop. So we will support you and ensure that you find the home that suits your home requirements perfectly.


We will keep you informed of the homes that match your criteria. Also, send the house listings and check the whole market. We will gather all the necessary information for your property that you are interested in. The house hunting will not end until we find your dream house.

Offers and negotiations

We are experienced, so we have all the market insights, and with this, we help in deciding the best offer amount. All the negotiations, multiple offer situations and the final deal will be handled by us. We are dedicated to our home buyers, so you are assured that you will get the best deal as you are in good hands.

Why Buy Or List With Us?

Unmatched Client Service

We started this with the vision of transforming the client experience in real estate sales. Today, we are reputed and have served several clients. We are always here for you.

More Marketing For You

We go for target marketing strategies which help us in finding the right home or sell it quickly and more efficiently. We have invested in the latest technology, so you will get what you want faster.

Mastermind-Level Access And Expertise

We are the experts in this field and possess industry-leading and unparallel expertise. 

For the greatest of Oakville townhouses for sale, Faisal Javaid Real Estate grants clients blessings like particular advertising campaigns, compelling advertising and marketing strategies and access to potential buyers and sellers. We will increase your home's exposure.

Moreover, we have a passion for supporting clients with numerous real estate needs. We are a trusted and skilled professional who strives to offer you a quality solution.

Clients are inspired by the dedication and effort we put into ensuring that they acquire high-quality service and outstanding results. Browse the website to discover detailed list information, buying and selling guides and other features that fit your real estate requirements.


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